An intro to is a blockchain consultancy specialising in blockchain development, security and cryptography. Extropy was founded in 2015 by Laurence Kirk.

Before founding Extropy, Laurence had a successful career developing financial applications in the City of London. Whilst he was there, he was captivated by the potential of blockchain technology.

He moved to Oxford and set up a consultancy working with start-ups to develop decentralised applications as well as consulting on blockchain technology and cryptography.

He also teaches within blockchain community. He’s given talks on blockchain and zero knowledge proofs worldwide. To see a list of talks, click here.

Meet Tom. Prior to, he spent a decade in automotive powertrain research and development where he witnessed the importance of reliable software. He was introduced to Bitcoin in 2014 and began wrapping his head around the game-changing potential blockchains offer.
He joined summer 2019 and now develops revolutionary applications based on decentralised technologies.

This is Karol. His passion for blockchain technology evolved during his engineering studies and software graduate programme after which he decided to pursue a career in this industry by joining This allowed him to work hands on developing innovative ideas that can be implemented in the real world.

Meet Vincent. His experience prior to joining Extropy was as an embedded engineer in the automation of medical devices assembly. Immutability of blockchain is what incited him to research this area further, this caveat demands extensive verification so despite it being a software oriented process it is actually akin to hardware design. He’s worked at Extropy for a year and looks forward to further exploring decentralised applications.

This is Cosimo. He’s a dedicated multilingual IT Security and Blockchain professional. He’s highly skilled in utilising cutting edge technologies and security best practices to develop successful technical solutions.

This is Kirsty. Before she joined the Extropy team, she worked in the legal industry for eight years where she developed a passion for technology. She realised the potential of blockchain technology and how it can revolutionise industries and support cross-industry communications and transactions. She now helps develop applications for Extropy’s clients.

Meet Mark. Mark is a cryptography, key management and cyber security specialist. He has a proven and extensive background in the mathematical theory and practical application of cryptographic techniques, security research and the design and development of secure applications and systems. He is experienced in producing and reviewing technical documentation and specifications, assessing and conveying technical knowledge, and guiding implementation. A seasoned developer and presenter of professional training. He’s familiar with many different security applications. A technical specialist with the experience and perspective of running a business.

We’re a consultancy for distributed ledger technology and cryptography

Our core value is to make blockchain knowledge accessible for everyone.

We’ve worked with many clients on their solutions and provided full stack application development. Our expertise includes:

  • Ethereum
  • Zero Knowledge systems design
  • Blockchain research

We’re also specialists in smart contract security audits. We only use industry best practices and guide our clients towards the same. Our audit reviews cover:

  • Applications
  • Protocols
  • Automated tests

We’re committed to giving back to the blockchain community. Therefore we provide technical talks and workshops, both in house and external, and our developer community workshops are at no cost. Some of our past workshops have been on:

  • Smart contract development
  • Zero Knowledge Proofs
  • Advanced EVM
  • Business aspects of the Blockchain

You can check out some of our free online tutorials here:

If you would like to know more about us, please get in touch.



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Oxford-based blockchain and zero knowledge consultancy and auditing firm